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Gas Information

The following list has been constructed to assist you in the correct selection of each gas we offer, and what each type of gas is used for.

Industrial Gases


Oxygen is used to increase flame temperature in Oxy/fuel processes like gas cutting, heating, welding and brazing. The oxidization of the fuel (most commonly Acetylene or LPG) is called "combustion".

Processes: Oxy/Fuel welding, cutting and brazing.

Argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes where ordinarily non-reactive substances become reactive. Its purpose is to protect the weld area from atmospheric gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapour.  Depending on the materials being welded, these atmospheric gases can reduce the quality of the weld or make the welding more difficult.

Processes: TIG (All metals), MIG (Aluminium Only)
Onegas 52 (Argon/Co2/Oxygen Mixture)

Argon/Co2/Oxygen Mixtures are used primarily used in most MIG welding applications. With all the features of pure Argon, the small percentage of Co2 allows for increased penetration and arc stability, enabling a much cleaner weld.

Processes: MIG (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Low-Alloy Metals)

One Gas 75/25 & 80/20 (Argon/Co2 Mixture)

An Argon/Carbon dioxide mixture used for welding mild, carbon and alloy steels. The heavier mix of Argon and Co2 allows for better penetration on thicker cuts of steel.

Processes: MIG (Mild and carbon steels)

Price includes gas.

Industrial Nitrogen

Nitrogen is primarily used as a purge gas when welding stainless steel tubing, but can also be used in plasma cutting and heat treating applications. Due to its inert properties, Nitrogen acts as a safeguard from oxidization for flammable substances.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide can be used for MIG welding Carbon and Alloy steel, but can also be used with Stainless and gas shielding Flux Cored Wires.


Commonly used in balloons and as a detector gas for analytical equipment, Helium can also be used as a shielding gas in TIG Welding, particularly for Aluminium and Copper.


Used with Oxygen for Oxy-acetylene gas welding & cutting. A combined Acetylene & Oxygen flames burns at approximately 3500° degrees.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Commonly used as fuel for forklifts


Hospitality Gases

Food Grade Argon

Food grade argon is mainly used as a preservation Fsupplement gas within the hospitality industry.

Food Grade Carbon Dioxide

Food grade Carbon dioxide is used as a pressure gas in dispensing beverages such as beer, cider and some wines.

Food Grade Nitrogen

Food grade Nitrogen Gas is widely used in food preservation in such applications as chilling and freezing, controlled atmosphere storage, and the fumigation of grains.

Beermix 55

Beer Mix 55 is a Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen mixture (55/45%) used to dispense most beer types, and eliminates wastage issues with slow moving bulk beers.



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