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Service like no other


Introducing OneGas Australia, a trailblazer in the Industrial & Hospitality Gas industries, committed to revolutionizing the business landscape with a unique and inclusive approach.

Our fundamental philosophy centres around empowering our Customers through our ground-breaking NO RENT Cylinder purchase program. By granting complete control and ownership of the cylinders, we empower our Customers to treat them as indispensable tools and equipment, just like any other essential asset.

At OneGas Australia, we set the benchmark for unwavering commitment to innovation, service excellence, and unmatched value for all our esteemed customers. We take pride in spearheading the paradigm shift towards Rent-Free ownership in both the Industrial & Hospitality Gas markets, heralding a new era of progress.

Driven by our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, we forge meaningful partnerships with our Stockists and Customers, catering to the needs of metropolitan as well as rural communities. Our reach extends far and wide, leaving no region untouched by our deliberate and focused efforts.

With decades of industry experience under our belt, we bring profound expertise in the welding industry to the table. Let us guide you towards finding the perfect gas solution for any job, ensuring optimum performance and unparalleled results.

At OneGas Australia, the future of gas ownership is here, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

OneGas Australia is your one stop welding & hospitality gas shop.

-No locked in contracts

-No rental fees

-No time limits

-No on going costs.

We make getting Industrial gas simple.

1. Choose an order method.

  • Online
  • Phone 1300 ONE GAS or 1300 663 427
  • In store

2. Purchase a gas cylinder (One time payment for the cylinder. Your welding gas is included in the price.)

3. When your cylinder is empty, simply return it for a full cylinder of gas and pay only for the gas.

It's that simple!



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