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Trace Gas

Trace Gas, is a premium leak detection solution, it is a valuable tool for quickly identifying leaks in systems or pipework. Comprised of 5% Hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen, Trace Gas allows the Hydrogen molecules to escape through the smallest of leaks when introduced into a system or pipework. This escaping gas can be easily detected using a suitable electronic leak detector.

Some key benefits of using Trace Gas include:

1. Fast and more effective leak detection solution.
2. Ability to detect leaks much smaller than with other methods.
3. Time-saving on the job.
4. Commonly used in HVAC and plumbing applications.
5. Particularly convenient for finding leaks in difficult-to-access areas where leak detection spray is impractical.
6. Non-flammable and non-toxic, ensuring safety during use.
7. Environmentally friendly method for leak detection.
8. Capable of serving as a faster and more accurate drop-test gas.



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