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Acetylene is a colorless and highly flammable gas, it is a strong, safe, and easy-to-use gas. The heating qualities of Acetylene are particularly advantageous for applications such as thermal spraying, brazing, gouging, and welding. It is also used in atomic absorption flame spectrometers and as an air gas blend.

In Acetylene/Oxygen gas welding and cutting it is renowned for its high melting point, fast preheating and piercing times in localized cutting. Acetylene/Oxygen flame can burn at temperatures as high as 3,500 °C, making it suitable for various applications.

The optimal ratio of Oxygen to Acetylene for this process is 1.2:1, ensuring efficient combustion and maximum flame temperature, in comparison to Oxygen/LPG cutting which requires a higher ratio of 4.3:1, this makes the Acetylene/Oxygen combination more efficient.



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